Cheesy Oat & Quinoa Biscuits


Let’s face it – having serious GI issues like Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Ulcerative Colitis is no fun. Getting everyone one the same page when it comes to food is hard enough, but when someone in your family suffers from digestive issues, meal planning can be a major stress. Healthy choices are critical when it… 

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Quinoa Crackers


Hi everyone! My name is Nicole and I am delighted to be sharing with you today on  I am a founding member of, which is an educational resource and recipe index for people living with celiac disease and other dietary restrictions.  Our team understands how difficult it can be to successfully live gluten-free,… 

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Strawberry Quinoa Muffins & Your Gluten Free Valentine’s Day


I’ve been gluten free for almost two years now, and I have to tell you there are two things that are still challenging for me. The first is eating out and the second is holidays. This makes holiday’s like Valentine’s day – where you typically do eat out – especially challenging. If you are gluten… 

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Quinoa, Brown Rice & Sesame Crackers


Hello dear friends and fellow quinoa-lovers! I’m Felicia, and I blog over at Dish by Dish , a space filled with personal stories and easy recipes. It’s such an honor to be writing a post for Cooking Quinoa today, and this is possibly one of the best ways to begin the brand new year! Thank… 

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Low-Fat Cinnamon Walnut Loaf


From Naturally Sweet & Gluten Free, photo by Celine Saki I am so excited to have Ricki Heller here with us today! Not only is she sharing an amazing Cinnamon Walnut Loaf with us, but she was also kind enough to take the time to answer some questions about her new book and allergy friendly… 

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Blueberry Almond Streusel Muffins


A while back I ran across Willow’s blog in the middle of the night while Skye was snacking and I was trying desperately to stay awake long enough to get her safely back into her bassinet.  Even in my sleep deprived stupor I was struck by her gorgeous photography and amazing recipes.  I knew at… 

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Apple-Quinoa Breakfast Muffins


I’m really happy to have Ricki Heller from Diet, Dessert and Dogs.  I’ve been following Ricki’s work for over a year now, and know you will enjoy her inventive allergy friendly recipes as much as I do! ~~ Hi Everyone! I’m thrilled for Wendy and her whole family as they welcome their daughter to the… 

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Blueberry Quinoa Muffins


Though I (obviously) cook a lot, there is nothing that makes me NOT want to cook more than hearing one of the boys say “Mom, I’m hungry!” It’s not that I don’t want to cook for them, mind you.  It’s just that  high pressure “Is it done yet?” cooking isn’t my idea of fun. Since… 

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Quick Quinoa Corn Muffins


I am a planner by nature, but it always seems like I’m running behind around the holidays.  And this year seems especially bad. Take for example my new e-book. I’m quite aware that this should have been released 3 or 4 weeks ago. But for some reason (I blame exhaustion!) I just couldn’t quite get… 

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Quinoa English Muffins


As a mom, there are a few things I always like to have on hand. A few examples are frozen (homemade) pizza dough, organic apples and Cliff Bars. Another thing I always like to have – either fresh or in the freezer – is these English Muffins. Sadly, these babies seem to go just about… 

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