King Ranch Chicken Quinoa Casserole


Do you ever have those periods in your life where it feels like no matter how hard you work you can never get caught up? That is how I’m feeling these days. I have a ton of recipes setting in my WordPress dashboard to share, and yet I never seem to get around to posting…. 

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Italian Baked Quinoa with Fresh Tomato Topping


Have you ever done something that left you feeling in SO FAR over your head? With a lot of encouragement from my husband, I signed up Marie Forleo’s B-School. It’s an 8-week totally intense online business training course, designed to help you create a business that you love.  (And one that actually contributes to the… 

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Tex-Mex Quinoa Lasagna


Lately, I’ve been really trying to get focused on what is important with my work, so that I can spend more time with the kids.  When you work at home, it is easy to feel like you are at work 24/7 and that you should always be doing something. Like Brian Tracy says “Quality of… 

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Cheesy Veggie Quinoa Casserole & Freezing: Nature’s Pause Button


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Frozen Food Foundation for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Did you know that nearly 80% of Americans fail to consume the recommended amounts of fruit and 90% fail to get the recommended amounts of vegetables? This is unfortunate because fruits and vegetables… 

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Pumpkin Quinoa Breakfast Casserole


You know what time it is don’t you? Yep, it’s time for all things pumpkin to take over the internet. I had to laugh when I saw this on Facebook. Of course, I shared it on my timeline and mentioned that I would be participating in the pumpkin overload.  I’ve held back in prior years… 

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Quinoa Florentine


I’ve mentioned before that I really struggle with my boys eating habits. They rarely agree on anything, shun vegetables and are more than a little picky. If I want them to eat the same thing I can either serve them grilled cheese or hamburgers. (Not exactly the healthiest options.) Fortunately, thus far, Skye is a… 

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Cheesy Chipotle Chili Quinoa Casserole


This week, I’ve been in the kitchen with the boys. Now for most of you, cooking with your children probably isn’t such a big deal. It’s simply part of good parenting that as they get older you teach them how to cook and how to be somewhat self sufficient in the kitchen. (As appropriate for… 

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Cheesy Tomato Quinoa Casserole


When the boys were babies, it often felt like time stood still. The days were oh-so-long and blurred together in a sea of diapers, crying and messes. I had the sense that things were always going to be just like they were right then. Mercifully that wasn’t the case – just remembering having a 1… 

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Baked Breakfast Quinoa


Today we have Morgan from Peaches, Please here to share a great breakfast recipe with us! ~ Hello Internet Friends! I’m Morgan from Peaches, Please and I’m super excited to be a guest blogger on Cooking Quinoa! I’m a recovering attorney turned food blogger in Atlanta, Georgia (thus, the name of my blog) and am… 

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Chicken & Quinoa Casserole


Guess what? Cooking Quinoa is getting a whole new look! Of course, I have absolutely no technical skills and the hubby is busy with his own stuff, so it may be sometimes in 2014 before it happens. (Kidding….I hope…) I’m really excited by what I have planned – its going to be a lot more… 

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Spinach & Roasted Red Pepper Quinoa Casserole (& A Hair Crisis)


I have a great casserole for you, but before you can have the recipe I need to whine a bit. (Ok, not really…just scroll down to skip the whining. Hmph!) I try to keep things light and positive around here, but right now I am in crisis. No not a serious problem in a true… 

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Italian Zucchini Quinoa Casserole (& My Gluten Sensitive Baby)


  I feel like we haven’t talked in forever! I’ve been a little busy. You know, hanging out with her:   Pretty cute, huh? (If I do say so myself)  I had planned to get back to blogging on at least a semi-regular basis last week, but we’ve been having a bit of a rough… 

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Spinach Artichoke Quinoa Casserole


It goes without saying that the last (almost) six weeks have been chaotic for our family. I’m not sure anything can prepare you for the sleep deprivation and fatigue that comes along with the blessing of a new baby. Even having done it twice before. It’s kinda like child birth. The memory of how hard… 

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Spicy Sausage Quinoa Polenta Bake


In my book, casseroles are one of God’s gifts to mom’s. Few things feel better than knowing that dinner is already made in the fridge or freezer. I love having the answer when hubby asks “Thoughts on dinner?”. I also love knowing that even though life is more than a little crazy right now we… 

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Quinoa, Spinach & Sausage Breakfast Casserole


Once upon a time, casseroles weren’t nearly as interesting to me as they are now. Not that I didn’t like them – because who doesn’t love a good casserole? I just didn’t realize that making foods ahead of time and having a stocked freezer could be so…life changing. The truth is that while I’d love… 

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Cheesy Green Chile Quinoa Casserole


Today I ordered all of the “preparing for birth” supplements recommended by my midwife.  When I sat down to do it it didn’t seem like that big of a deal, but by the time I was done reading all of the reviews and figuring out which ones to get I had a freak out moment…. 

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Broccoli Quinoa Casserole


The further I get into this pregnancy, the easier I need things to be. My current obsession is freezer cooking. Nothing feels any better than knowing that I’ve got a few meals tucked away for those nights where I just don’t have the energy to do much other than whine about how bad I feel… 

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Quinoa &White Bean Casserole with Caramelized Onions


One of the hardest things for me about living in a warm climate is waiting for fall. Really, I love everything about fall. SEC football, sweaters, hot chocolate after a crisp walk and the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet.  Many happy memories of my childhood were spent jumping in the just raked leaf… 

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Zucchini and Quinoa Casserole


These days, cooking is the last thing I want to do on beautiful evenings when the boys are playing outside in the woods.   Watching (and hearing) boys be boys is just so…amazing. Sticks become weapons or forts, (invisible) enemies are everywhere and imaginations run wild! I must confess that it is bittersweet to see that… 

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