Quintessential Quinoa Cookbook

Who Says Healthy and Delicious Can’t Go Hand in Hand? Buy my Quinoa Cookbook and Find Out Just How Delicious Eating Healthy Can Be!

Whether you are a quinoa connoisseur or new to cooking quinoa, there is something for everyone in Quintessential Quinoa.  With over 200 pages of inspired cuisine (NONE OF WHICH IS ON THE WEBSITE), the recipes are not only healthy but also will leave you craving more.  Recipes like a Quinoa Chocolate Bar Sundae and Quinoa Cannelloni are perfect for those times when you feel like indulging.  Trying to watch what you eat?  The ebook is jam packed with quinoa dishes that are perfect when you need a light, but filling meal! And, every recipe has multiple pictures and nutritional data!


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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating More Quinoa!

If quinoa isn’t a key part of your diet, there are a lot of reasons why it should be.

  1. Protein Packed! It is an amazing source of plant based protein, delivering up a near perfect cocktail of amino acids.  It’s one of just a handful of plant based foods that offers a COMPLETE source of protein.
  2. The “Good” Carbs -It’s a slow burning carbohydrate that gives you energy and can help you avoid blood sugar spikes. Most experts agree that it is ideally suited to those with diabetes.  (But obviously you should always consult your health care professional.)
  3. May Help with Migraines – Quinoa is high in magnesium and riboflavin, both of which have been scientifically shown to help those with migraine headaches.
  4. Lower in Calories and Filling – A single one cup serving of quinoa has just 220 calories.  Most people who eat quinoa for the first time can’t get over just how filling it is!
  5. Free of Junk ­– Quinoa is free of trans fats, saturated fat and cholesterol!
  6. Full of Fiber Just one serving gives you 20% of your daily fiber requirements.
  7. Not Only Nutritious but Also Delicious! – Let me show you just how delicious quinoa really can be!


 Praise for Quintessential Quinoa:

Thank you Thank you Thank you! The recipes are wonderful! I tell everyone about your website and have forwarded the email with the order forms for the books to several friends. I can’t wait to dive into it now that I can take it to the kitchen on my phone! – Kathy

Wendy, your cookbook is awesome! Love the uses you have come up with for using quinoa—you are very innovative and creative! Also, the “book” is very beautiful and a joy to “flip” through! I travel for extended periods for work and the digital (and portable) format is priceless! Thank you so much for creating it! TJ

I just tried the Poblano Chili Quinoa and it was out of this world.  Your combinations sometimes seem unusual at first but they really work. You are very talented. Amber G

Downloaded the cookbook and love it!  M. Bresson

What Can You Expect from Quintessential Quinoa?

  • Stay on course with your nutrition goals with complete nutritional data for every recipe.

  • Hate not knowing what you are cooking is supposed to look like?  Quintessential Quinoa has pictures of every recipe!

  • Maintain your focus with healthy eating with unique but oh so delicious recipes that will leave you wondering just how something that tastes so good can also be good for you!


Let’s Take A Quick Peek At The Recipes Included:

Quinoa Breakfast Recipes


Soups & Salads

Entrees & Sides

Quinoa Pasta, Polenta and Pizza

Breads & Muffins



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Here’s a Sneak Peek of A Few Recipes To Whet Your Appetite



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More Praise for Quintessential Quinoa

I am so thrilled to get this cookbook!  I LOVE your recipes, and so does my hubbie!
I can hardly wait to cook through your cookbook…its hard to decide where to start first!
Thanks for the tips on cooking the quinoa…I tend to overcook it, so its good to get some clear instructions.
Congratulations! & many thanks!  ~ Betzina

Congratulations!! What an awesome achievement and it looks beautiful! ~ Karen

Good Luck, Wendy Recipes look and are delicious. Looking forward to receiving my recipe book! ~ Randi

Love the pictures–and….everything! Thanks,Wendy ~ RedRiverGirl


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Added Bonus

As an added bonus, not only do you get a full color digital book but we have also provided you with a “quick print” version which allows you to print only the recipes you want and with no photos.  This is a great way to save on ink costs!